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    Home / Article  / 3 Sure-Fire Strategies to Increase Employee Engagement

    3 Sure-Fire Strategies to Increase Employee Engagement

    You see them in every industry almost anywhere you go: employees going through the motions of their jobs, exerting just enough effort to reach the minimum standards of acceptable job performance. It’s the retail clerk who regimentally mumbles, “Can I help you?”

    It’s the factory worker or the office supervisor who says she’s just “putting in my hours to go home.” It’s a colleague who constantly watches the clock ready to bolt out the door at quitting time.

    None of these are boring or passive people. Outside of work, many are incredibly active and engaged:

    • They head civic organizations and go on family camping trips.
    • They lead youth and church groups.
    • They repair cars, play golf, run 5K’s and shoot basketball.

    Our employees are dedicated, energetic, motivated, caring people, always bettering themselves and bettering the world around them–until they show up for work.

    Why? Because what is outside of work engages their hearts more than what is inside of work.

    Engaging the heart and soul of all workers is the key that all inspiring managers have learned. Follow these three sure-fire strategies to increase employee engagement in your office:

    Live a Compelling Purpose

    To fully engage the souls of today’s diverse workforce, and thus, increase employee engagement, it is essential that we communicate what we stand for and where we are going. Your vision must be compelling, understandable and focused. It must not be a graduate diatribe on some esoteric philosophy or financial position. And it must be wholehearted, not a half-hearted attempt to artificially arouse passions.

    Integrate Work and Life

    Our employees do have lives outside of work. To increase employee engagement, it is imperative that we integrate the legitimate needs of our employees with their legitimate desires to enjoy their personal lives.

    When companies neglect to help their employees integrate and find workable arrangements between their work and personal lives, they risk burning out their best people at minimum, or losing them at worst.

    Celebrate and Have Fun

    Companies with the greatest employee engagement have learned to celebrate and have fun.  Some offer  “monotony breaker days,” when they celebrate non-traditional occasions such as Oktoberfest or the birthday of a famous poet.

    To become a world-class operation and increase employee engagement, it is critical that you allow your team to celebrate and have fun—to unleash their heart and soul.