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    Home / Article  / How to Have Fun at Work without Sacrificing Productivity

    How to Have Fun at Work without Sacrificing Productivity

    Fun and work are not mutually exclusive – at least not at many top-performing companies. These leading organizations understand that employees are far more likely to excel when they are allowed to lighten up and have a little fun.

    Here are several examples on how progressive organizations lighten up while maintaining world-class productivity.

    Have Fun or Get Fired: The unofficial mission at Paradigm Communication, the St. Petersburg, FL software developer, is  “Have fun or get fired.” Realizing that their high stress and long hours is prime for massive burn-outs, Paradigm’s owner, Dan Furlong, also enforces a very specific and well thought out dress code and attendance policy.  Here it is in its entirety: Show up for work, and wear something!

    Sointenly: All employees (called “Cognoids”) at Cognex, the Massachusetts optical products giant, are carefully trained to properly execute their official company salute modeled after the Three Stooges—right hand sharply brought to the bridge of the hose.

    Stump the CEO: AGI, Inc., the Melrose Park, IL cosmetics packaging company, awards prizes during their monthly employee meetings to the person who asks their CEO the toughest question.

    Happiness Barometer Team: The Philadelphia-based Rosenbluth International travel group has a Happiness Barometer Team charged with conducting an employee attitude and enjoyment survey every six months.

    Let ‘em Surf: With facilities located near the Pacific Ocean in Ventura, CA, the management at Patagonia allows employees to go surfing whenever they wish.

    From simple mottos and silly salutes to surveys and surfing, these great companies teach us that to lighten up is easy, good for employee morale, and just plain smart for business!

    So this week, do yourself and your team a favor.  Lighten up just a little, OK?