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    Home / Article  / How to Help Employees Solve Your Problems

    How to Help Employees Solve Your Problems

    Sometimes we think we have all the answers. Of course we don’t, but we often approach our daily work as if we must solve all our problems by ourselves. It is easy to forget that we have an entire team of employees willing and able to help us solve our problems—if we just ask.

    There is no more powerful connection between an employee and a boss than when the boss demonstrates confidence in the employee’s opinions. Today’s most outstanding leaders always rely on their team to help them solve their most pressing problems. The greatest employee connections are not with the boss who has all the answers. Rather, it is with the boss that allows them to help find the answers.

    Here are three ways to better allow employees to solve your problems.

    Three Ways – Distribute a list of your toughest problems at your next staff meeting. Ask each employee to choose one problem and generate a minimum of three ways to address it. Ask them to turn back the sheets within 24 hours. Summarize and distribute their ideas to the entire team.

    Throw a “Problem Party” – Announce that you are sponsoring a “Problem Party” immediately after work where you will list your top 15 problems and ask for employee advice. List the problems and ask for solutions. Record and distribute a summary page to the entire staff. Ask your team to help you stay on track as you implement their solutions.

    Today’s Solution – Call a five-minute team meeting. Announce your most urgent problem. Conduct a quick brainstorming session. Choose the best solution and implement. Give all participants a token of thanks for participating (candy bar, soda, cookie).

    By Dr. Jim Harris, Director of Payday’s 24/7 Institute