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    Home / Article  / The #1 Employee Year-End Motivational Gift

    The #1 Employee Year-End Motivational Gift

    What are you going to give your employees as a year-end gift of thanks? Logo-adorned company merchandise? A gift basket? A turkey?

    Traditional, generic year-end employee gifts are no longer effective. Today’s employees are far more impressed with personalized gifts that match their likes and wants.

    The easiest, fastest, and most cost-effective way to meet their unique needs and create a memorial end-of-year gift is a Favorites List.

    Favorites List is just as the name implies: a list of areas where the employee can fill in their favorites. Here are just a few of the potential categories of a Favorites List.

    • Candy Bar  _______________
    • Color _______________
    • Hobby _______________
    • Soft Drink _______________
    • Movie star _______________
    • Lunch meal _______________
    • Grocery store _______________
    • Ice cream _______________
    • Sports team _______________

    Now, assume that Iist my favorite candy bar is Snickers, my favorite hobby is golf, my favorite color is blue, and my favorite soft drink is Diet Dr. Pepper. What if I receive from my boss a small basket with a six-pack of Snickers, a blue golf hat, and a 16oz Diet Dr. Pepper with a note that reads, “Merry Christmas – enjoy your next round on the course!”

    Create your own Favorites List with 10 to 15 categories. Ask your team to fill it out. Keep the list handy and use it to generate individualized incentives that are meaningful, memorable and motivational both as year-end gifts and thank you’s throughout the year.