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    Home / Article  / The Benefits of Spirituality in the Workplace

    The Benefits of Spirituality in the Workplace

    Managers have to consider so many things in the course of a business day; new projects, meetings, sales projections.  Spirituality in the workplace—the spiritual needs of employees—while extremely important to company leadership are often not the area of expertise discussed by managers.

    Productivity and Spirituality

    Many times, managers find the subject is out of their comfort level.  Yet employees come to work every day, often wearing the burdens of their personal problems on their shoulders. This affects their productivity, their attendance and their overall morale.

    Shane Satterfield, Vice-President of Marketplace Chaplains, explains the importance of spiritual growth in the workplace. Eighty percent of folks in the workforce today don’t have a church home; they don’t have a priest, pastor or rabbi.  When you’re down in the trenches, when life throws you a knuckleball and curve ball, who do you turn to?  That is one of the things that started his foundation 28 years ago.  The realization for these chaplains is; down in those trenches is where life happens, and they want to be on the front lines with employees.

    Spirituality in the Workplace

    Helping to foster spirituality in the workplace is the fastest-growing segment of corporate culture today. Everything comes down to one basic fact: spiritually healthy individuals simply make better, more reliable and more productive employees.  What about employees who have no religious traditions or beliefs; it would seem that having company chaplains might make some employees uncomfortable.  This has not been the experience of Marketplace Chaplains.  Says Shane, “It’s not a push, it’s not a religious thing; it’s more of a care program provided by wonderful men and women all across this nation.”

    Company Chaplains

    Having a company chaplain is also a wonderful addition to benefits packages, and an easy way to introduce spirituality in the workplace. Employees feel relieved as well that they have someone to turn to in times of trouble and that the person they are turning to will keep their problems confidential.  Shane advised that the number one issue facing employees today is family problems, be it issues with spouses or children.

    The second problem is personal finances.  A company chaplain can offer advice on available resources while providing that spiritual comfort that is so often lacking.  Company chaplains also have performed weddings, funerals, hospital visits and baptisms for employees.  As Shane says, “That really raises the level of the truth behind ‘we care about you, we care about our employees’.”