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    When 80,000 PEOs Recently Went down, Payday Remained Up

    You hire PEO’s to help alleviate your worries.

    But did you know that most PEO’s rely on a complex web of third-party “cloud” systems to process your sensitive and important data?

    It’s true.

    Many PEO’s such as Axios HR, Syndeo, Engage PEO, and tens of thousands of other local- and regional-based firms rely on the servers of untold other companies outside of their control to process what’s most important to you.

    In optimal circumstances, you’d never know that they’ve passed off your data to a third-party “solution.” Until one of those “solutions” has a problem. Then, your PEO has no control.

    Recently, nearly 80,000 PEO’s and HR firms found themselves helpless when PrismHR, a third-party HR platform, was the target of a “ransomware” attack. The firms who use them were left scrambling for how to deliver their clients’ payrolls on time. Leaving many to tweet embarrassing notices like this one:


    Landrum HR outage


    Rest assured, Payday isn’t one of those PEO’s who rely on any third-party “cloud” to serve your business’ most important needs. That’s why, when many of our competitors were down, we remained up and running, fulfilling our promise to alleviate the headaches of our clients—not create more of them!

    In fact, to ensure the timeliness and accuracy of your payroll, Payday doesn’t rely on a cloud at all. No, we use Fortune-500 level, in-house servers, equipped with leading vulnerability protection from Cisco, redundancy and backup fail safes. What’s more, your company’s data isn’t transmitted through systems left open to prying eyes.


    Anything that goes through Payday is transmitted with 256-bit SSL encryption.

    A PEO is responsible for some of your most crucial business-related processes. Why depend on one that has to depend on a web of companies outside of their control?

    Trust Payday to handle all your HR-related needs, timely, accurately AND securely. Request a FREE price quote today to see how much time, money and headaches we could save you. Visit paydayhr.com/quote or call 850.912.8884 to get started.

    Interested in the specifics of how we keep your data secure? View our data security infosheet.