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    3 Keys to Managing Holiday Stress at the Office

    Stress. You feel it. Your employees feel it. Your customers and vendors feel it. It’s everywhere this time of year. Yet here are 3 simple, yet powerful ways to better manage your holiday stress. #1: Stress Avoidance When stress hits you, it’s too late to avoid it. The...

    The #1 Employee Year-End Motivational Gift

    What are you going to give your employees as a year-end gift of thanks? Logo-adorned company merchandise? A gift basket? A turkey? Traditional, generic year-end employee gifts are no longer effective. Today’s employees are far more impressed with personalized gifts that match their likes and wants. The...

    10 Keys to Becoming a Great Listener

    Great listeners are indeed a rarity. Yet becoming a great listener is reachable for everyone. Here are ten things great listeners do. All great listeners: 1) Focus. Great listeners pay careful attention to the message at hand, clearing the mind of yesterday’s problems or tomorrow’s challenges. 2) Minimize Distractions....

    How to Create a Company That Only Fools Would Leave

    A newer retention trend is to make the entire work process a magnificent “experience.” The ultimate goal is to “reinvent and revolutionize” your workplace so that only a fool would ever considering leaving! Here's where to start. Imagine attending your next off-site manager’s meeting…in a comedy club! Then at...

    The 8 Must-Know Problem Solving Tips

    Every manager is paid to solve problems–not bring more problems—to management.  Here are some quick tips that can help you be a better problem solver. Challenge conventional wisdom.  Look for a fresh approach, a new angle, or a unique perspective. Do not settle for the way it has...