Is it possible to avoid the headaches of workers’ comp audits in California?

By outsourcing our critical business functions to the HR-experts at Payday, the headaches of more and more regulation, compliance, and paperwork were immediately alleviated. And to top it all off, Payday saved us money! —Shaddrick Haston, CEO, FALA


It’s true. You CAN avoid the headaches associated with workers’ comp audits and a high Experience Modification Rate with services from Payday.

Here’s how we do it.

OSHA safety compliance

Compliance with the more than 2,200 HR employment laws

Hassle-free payroll administration

Employee on-boarding & HRIS

+ Payday will save you money.

No down payment

Saving you hundreds—even thousands—of dollars!

No annual audit

Saving you time, resources, and ton of aspirin!

Drop your modification experience (mod)

Let us tell you how much money you can save!

Aggressive risk management program

Avoid costs resulting from workplace incidents.

Act before April 23rd to get your setup fee waived! A $500 value.

Speak to a workers’ comp expert now and start saving.

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