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3 Keys to Retaining Top Talent

Your best employees are constantly being wined and dined by vicious body snatchers begging them to join another company. Do not allow yourself to be lulled into believing your most talented staff are so loyal they would never consider leaving. Frankly, you must forever take a very...

The #1 Trick to Improve Your Employees’ Performance on the Job

Imagine that you are overseeing a portion of the company, and you check the delivery schedules to find out that your on-time deliveries have been steadily decreasing over the past four months.  Now it’s time for yet another talk with Sam, your manager. As the owner, you...

How to Have Fun at Work without Sacrificing Productivity

Fun and work are not mutually exclusive – at least not at many top-performing companies. These leading organizations understand that employees are far more likely to excel when they are allowed to lighten up and have a little fun. Here are several examples on how progressive organizations...

The 5 Hard-Hitting Truths of Employee Retention

Of the many challenges facing business owners today, few are more imperative than employee retention.  Within an ever more competitive labor market, it is essential that managers at all levels of the organization be both educated and trained on how to retain great people. To start...

4 Best Practices to Break through Comfort Zones

My wife relentlessly enters HGTV’s home giveaways. In fact, she registers under five different e-mail accounts daily, dedicated to making her dream of living in a beautiful, gorgeously designed home. Think about this. Who among us would have envisioned 10 years ago of  (1) a 24/7 cable...

3 Keys to a Culture of Excellence

Instinctive n. a natural or acquired tendency; spontaneous Excellence n. superiority; surpassing goodness Imagine one organization, from executives to sales staff, from receptionists to field managers, from maintenance to IT engineers — where everyone performed their work with instinctive excellence. Imagine customer service reps who instinctively respond with superior solutions.  Imagine...

Let Your People Fail!

As a kid, I grew up playing a lot of baseball.  I dreamed about being able to hit the ball like Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, and Mickey Mantle, and of pitching like Sandy Koufax and Bob Gibson. They were my heroes then and they continue...