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5 Favorite Tips for More Effective Emails

Dr. Jim Harris wrote an article detailing seven favorite tips to increase employee productivity. Tip number two discussed one-point emails, or sending brief emails that address only one issue. But there is so much more to email than just brevity. Knowing how to manage your...

Top 10 Questions You Can’t Ask in an Interview

What would you say if you were given advice that could save you millions of dollars and the possible loss of your business?  Well, knowing the right interview questions to ask candidates — and avoiding the ones you should never ask — could save your...

The 7 Keys to Protecting Your Business

With the swings in the economy and the uncertainty of business success that is so prevalent today, it only makes sense to do everything possible to not only protect your business but to help it grow as well. Ed and Doug Guernsey, leaders of Guernsey and...