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    Home / News  / Federal Judge Halts Overtime Rule…for Now

    Federal Judge Halts Overtime Rule…for Now

    The Department of Labor’s new overtime rule, which essentially doubles the salary for an employee to remain exempt from overtime pay, is halted. Just days ago, a Federal judge in Texas issued a temporary injunction against its implementation in order to determine if the DOL has the authority to establish such a rule. So for now, companies may continue to operate as they currently are.

    Many businesses already made changes to accommodate the new rule. But those that haven’t are now faced with the decision to wait for the judicial outcome or to move forward with the assumption that this rule will ultimately be upheld.

    What will your business do?  If you need help navigating this change, our team of professionals are here for you. Please contact us at 866.928.7450 or send us an email.