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    Home / Resources / Injury Cost Calculator

    Workplace injuries can affect your company big time in direct and indirect costs.

    Direct Costs

    (Costs typically paid for by workers’ comp insurance.)

    • Musculoskeletal injuries
    • Cost of turnover (hire & train replacement employees)
    • Over-time & temporary help
    • Days away from work
    • Transition duty days
    • Sick days used
    • Administrative costs

    Indirect Costs

    (Hidden costs not typically paid for by workers’ comp insurance.)

    • Employee turnover
    • Loss time/service
    • Overtime pay coverage
    • Lower employee morale
    • Paperwork processing time
    • Workers’ comp case management

    Estimated Costs of Injury Calculator


    1. Select an injury type from the drop-down menu OR enter the total workers' compensation costs.
    2. Enter the profit margin (leave blank to use default of 3%).
    3. Enter the number of injuries (leave blank to use default of one).
    4. Select "Add/Calculate" to compute the total direct and indirect costs.
    5. Repeat the step to add additional injuries to the list.

    Injury Type or Workers' Compensation Costs
    (annual sum of costs)


    Enter Profit Margin (%)
    (leave blank to use default of 3%)

    Enter Number of Injuries
    (leave blank to use default of one)

    Estimated Total Cost

    The extent to which the employer pays the direct costs depends on the nature of the employer's workers' compensation insurance policy. The employer always pays the indirect costs.

    Injury Type


    Direct Cost

    Indirect Cost

    Total Cost

    Additional Sale (Indirect)

    Additional Sale



    Estimated Direct Costs:

    Estimated Indirect Costs:

    Combined Total (Direct and Indirect Costs):

    Sales To Cover Indirect Costs:

    Sales To Cover Total Costs:

    Provided by osha.gov.